1-Minute Holiday Favor! Dream Rock Review - Prompt included!

1-Minute Holiday Favor! Dream Rock Review - Prompt included!

Just one super quick item of business today --

Nearly every day, I gear myself up to write one big final update to you, but I chicken out because I just can't bear the idea that the Kickstarter is Done! Over! Complete! Seriously, it was the best experience of my entire life (oops, don't tell my husband and kids ;)

By now, you should have all received your books a couple of weeks ago - if you haven't or if there were any issues with your delivery, please get in touch with me ASAP and let me know.

So I don't have to take my final Kickstarter curtain call just yet; I'm breaking this up into two last emails.

Today's Task - A quick Amazon review! CLICK HERE >


I am SO grateful to have thirteen 5-star reviews already! Thank you!

For those who feel stumped about what to write, here are a couple of prompts:

  • What was your favorite page?
  • How did the book make you feel during or at the end of reading it?
  • Did the book help your child with falling asleep?
  • Any comments or thoughts on the physical quality of the book or the value of the message.

Thank you again; I'll send you a final exciting update next week!

Click here, then select "write a review" - short and sweet is just fine!


If you don't have an Amazon account, Goodreads is a helpful second best!


Thank you! 

Tammy Hawkins


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