Dream Rock is a fun and calming bedtime routine for kids who experience anxiety at bedtime, or worries or fears that keep them awake. The Dream Rock method helps families reframe negative thoughts to positive dreams!

Need help getting your child to sleep?

If you have trouble getting your children to fall asleep, Dream Rock was written for you! This beautifully illustrated storybook shows you a fun and positive method to help your children fall asleep at night. As a mom of two kids who struggled often with night terrors, anxiety, and typical bedtime fears, I know exactly how tired and frustrated many parents are.

Childhood Anxiety on the Rise

Childhood anxiety has been on the rise for years and is now at an all-time high, causing issues with sleep, learning, and overall health. As we prepare for another school year that may be laced with uncertainty, our home routines need to be a comforting and calming foundation to help support our children where they need it most.

How It Works

The Dream Rock method helps children replace negative or scary thoughts with positive ones by setting aside time right before bed to list the happy things in their lives. Next the method gives them an opportunity to be creative and think of fun and exciting dreams they'd like to have. Something special happens when you say positive things out loud. It helps their bodies calm down as they feel safe and happy with their parent or caregiver. 

The rock that comes with each book acts almost like a fidget toy - holding a physical object is grounding and relaxing. You'll see how the characters in the story connect both activities, creating a fun and relaxing bedtime routine.

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It’s my goal that this method be the creative catalyst for many peaceful nights of sleep in your home, and the beginning of a better relationship with that child who is trusting you to help make them feel safe and calm as they drift off to sleep.

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